Decentralized Exchange

Our decentralized exchange (DEX) was built using Node.js, React, Redux, the Ethereum smart contract language Solidity and TruffleSuite for smart contract testing and deployment. Users access the exchange using the blockchain industry standard wallet, Metamask, to transfer their tokens to and from the exchange and place trades on the exchange. Our exchange is deployed to the Ethereum Kovan Testnet, so a working Metamask wallet with Kovan testnet tokens will allow you to interact with DEX. The DEX can be found at and directions for installing Metamask can be found at

Why is a decentralized exchange better than a centralized exchange for trading cryptocurrencies?

Centralized exchanges, especially poorly securitized ones, have been susceptible to hacks where their customers have lost millions of dollars over the last 10 years. The beauty of a DEX is that you can deposit your tokens during a session of interacting with the exchange, then withdraw all of your tokens back to the safety of your cold wallet through Metamask and keep them safe from potential hacks. This layer of security allows for piece of mind when interacting with digital asset markets.

Decentalized Exchange

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are notorious for being hacked and their customers losing their assets.  In a decentralized exchange, your assets can be sent back, safe and sound, to your Ethereum wallet, such as Metamask when your trading session is finished.

For detailed directions on how to interact with the Kovan Test Network instance of our dApp, visit

Decentralized Marketplace

In late August 2019, we launched a beta-version of a decentralized Ethereum marketplace which employs smart contracts for executing product buy or sell transactions. Any Metamask account using the Ethereum Kovan Test Network can interact with the dApp. Please go to to try out our dApp.


Blockchain App Development Services

Do you have a unique business idea that would benefit from a coded smart contract dApp?  Anything from trading of financial assets, fast payment networks and supply chain management work very well with smart contracts.  Let us produce a high quality dApp for you.