Nature NFTs Marketplace


NFT Factory and Marketplace for Nature Photographs 

Nature NFTs Marketplace was built during the April, 2022 ETHGlobal DAOHacks hackathon where it won two prizes. The prizes included a successful L2 deployment to Polygon and the use of IPFS for image and metadata deployment from Protocol Labs. The dApp allows the user to pin an image and metadata including name, description and URI to IPFS, then adds this metadata to the Polygon mainnet blockchain. The newly minted, on-chain NFT is then listed as an item for sale on the platform. The NFT will also render on Opensea.io and Rarible.com when connecting your Ethereum wallet (i.e. Metamask, Wallet Connect, Trezor, or Ledger) that holds the NFT.  The dApp was created using Hardhat for contract deployment to Polygon, IPFS to store the image and metadata, Moralis for the Web3 connection with Metamask and a Next.js front-end that showcases the beauty of nature NFT images. We will be deploying the app to Ethereum mainnet in early November, 2022.

Give it a test drive at https://nature-nfts-marketplace-polygon.vercel.app/!



Decentralized Music Video Playlist Builder

Disco-Rock-Repo is a music video and audio file storage app and datastore where users can download 1960's, 1970's and 1980's music videos from the Classic Rock and Disco music genres to create a playlist. Users will enjoy the anonymity of using this app as the only user information that is needed is an Ethereum, Filecoin or Polygon address to purchase the playlist. This is a nice alternative to other video sites that ask users for personal information such as name, address or credit card number. Disco-Rock-Repo uses Textile.io Hub buckets to push the videos to IPFS and archive the files to Filecoin for long-term storage. After being pushed, the user can access the files on IPFS using a link that was generated by the Hub at any time of their choosing. Users can start this process by first, generating a LibP2P private key on the left-hand side of the site, create and name the new Textile Bucket, add files from their laptop or desktop and later store the playlists on Filecoin by making a storage deal. Improvements to this process and a payment interface will be added to the app in the next few months. Please visit our app at https://disco-rock-repo.onrender.com/ and give it a try. Also, check out our HackFS hackathon submission of the app at https://showcase.ethglobal.com/hackfs2021/disco-rock-repo to see a video demo and interaction with the Textile Hub and the IPFS and Filecoin networks.

Legal Documents Marketplace

Legal document templates as an NFT marketplace

The Legal Document Form Repository will be a datastore and marketplace to purchase common filable-PDF legal documents such as a simple will, articles of incorporation for specific states or provinces, bill of sale sample, building contract, business plan, etc. Currently, the legal documents are stored as .jpg files, but in future iterations, the documents will be filable-PDFs so that the user can use it for their own purposes and fill them with their own unique information. The legal documents are stored on IPFS and deployed to the Rinkeby Ethereum testnet as ERC721 NFTs. A live demo can be found at: https://legaldoc.surge.sh/.

Why is decentralized better than centralized?

Digital assets currently trade on mostly centralized exchanges where investors need to trust that orders to buy and sell are being treated fairly and their assets are being held safely.  Our products allow for customers to participate on a trustless, decentralized platform where there is no centralized entity controlling prices to their advantage.  Our decentralized exchange (DEX) also provides self-directed management of your assets.

Centralized exchanges have been hacked many times over the last 9 years since Bitcoin began trading.  Customers have lost hundreds of millions of $USD worth of digital assets as a result.  How could this have been avoided? When using a decentralized exchange, your assets are only on the exchange for very brief periods of time, therefore eliminating most of the risk of being the victim of a hack.

These are crucially important considerations when choosing a digital asset exchange.


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